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Don’s creative talents combined with many hours welding in his studio result in these washers coming to life as a sculpture in the garden. Her beautiful red hair was created with salvaged fine copper wire.





Dog created with welded 5/16″ washers – by Don.

Beautiful lilies in their gardens

(it will soon be time to use Don’s Daylily Divider )

Excessive heat has prompted the gardener (pictured below) to shed her clothes!

(wood carving by Don)

These are some of Don’s latest creations.  I think he’s getting spring fever like the rest of us! They’re made by welding corn planter plates, wind turbine ball bearings, flat washers, electrical box knockouts, screen door parts and rebar.

It was almost 60 degrees out when I took these pictures out at my mom and dad’s just a couple of days ago…today it’s snowing and blowing–I guess it is winter.  But the warm weather was making me dream of all the garden projects I want to do this year.  Pictured below are just few of Don’s (my dad’s) creations…  (and there are many, MANY more!)

Giant Flower : height 10′ | flower width 5′ | support: end loader lift arm | hub: brake drum | petals: bull rake tines | pistol: cultivator parts | seed pod:  gas stove burner

Lady: body: 5/16″ washers welded | hair: rusty chain

Dog:  body: 5/16″ washers welded | tongue: leather belt piece | teeth: saw blade teeth