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My dad (Don) has spent countless hours carving many character banks over the years for all of us on our birthdays. So, in honor of him on his birthday we brought our collections of  hand-carved banks all back together, to surprise him – there were close to 100, maybe more (and that wasn’t even all of them).  It was tricky sneaking them in, but somehow we managed to get them all set-up without him knowing about it. His grandson having car trouble (sorry, but thanks, Brett) did help to get him temporarily out of the house so we did not have to be quite so sneaky…and that was not planned!

I’ll share a few photos here…


dad surprise









Two beautiful trees were also added to their landscape in honor of Don’s  birthday….




Don’s granddaughter Amy has a cute little Boston Terrier puppy, named Lola, who happens to be the subject of Don’s latest woodcarving….and an early birthday present for Amy’s 25th. Happy birthday, Amy!

Inspired by Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition of painted-on swimsuits. Don’s latest woodcarving…she’s also a bank.


The Cat Lady Series

Two Tabbies



Dog created with welded 5/16″ washers – by Don.

Beautiful lilies in their gardens

(it will soon be time to use Don’s Daylily Divider )

Excessive heat has prompted the gardener (pictured below) to shed her clothes!

(wood carving by Don)

One of many, many, m-a-n-y  carvings by Don, this one is demonstrating Don’s Daylily Divider in the garden. Here’s a helpful tip when using the divider:

  • Dig out a clump of daylilies (or other perennial that needs dividing)
  • For large clumps, insert the divider around the perimeter and take off a few fans. (Insert into the center on smaller clumps.)

Happy Dividing!