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Don Shull demonstrates the new “mini” divider.

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First testimonial on the new mini divider:

“Don, I propose that you work the word “miracle” into the name of your ingenious little tool. I’m still utterly amazed. I’m moving clumps in mid-winter here and have been using the divider when needed, working not to disturb the plants too much. (Stay asleep, little friends.) The way the mechanism has the hinge-point in precisely the right spot to gently ease the roots apart is a beautiful thing. I love watching those roots separate in ways I could never manage otherwise, with soil attached! Using this tool respects the plants and makes me happy. Thank you for creating this miraculous invention!” – J.H.

February 2021

Don’s Daylily Divider now comes with a foot bar.

This new feature greatly improves the ability to push the dividing tool deep into the clump. For those who already own Don’s Daylily Divider a retrofit is available.  It’s simply a matter of removing existing screw and replacing with new longer screw and footbar.  The new foot bar is priced at $5.95 plus shipping.

Don’s Daylily Divider is an innovative new tool that simplifies the task of dividing daylilies (and perennials, too). This is what is being said about it:

Nikki Schmith – Worden, Illinois (45 minutes barely northeast of St Louis) says…I met “Don” of “Don’s Daylily Divider” this year for the first time and got two of his dividers (both sizes.)

He’s a real cool dude and he’s got a great product! IT.  IS.  AWESOME.  It gets two green thumbs up from me.  Don asked me to use them and share my opinions. My personal thoughts on the Daylily Divider are:  First, why did I wait so long to get one?  Second, if you have clumps to divide and your hand strength isn’t what it used to be, this tool is priceless OR If you have a club that puts on a sale each year, you need one of these for your next “dig and divide” party.  You will be the star of the day.

Lynn Lewis –  My new toy for 2010 was not found in any catalog.  It’s called Don’s Daylily Divider.  It is the invention of a friend and neighbor of mine and actually has a patent pending.  Don’s wife, is a daylily addict just like me.  We are both very lucky to have husbands that do most of the garden designing for us plus helping out with some of the daylily chores that come with trading plants with our friends.  Some daylilies multiply much more quickly than others and must be divided to continue blooming.  Then again, I might have a huge clump of Stella d’Oro and someone wants some.  This divider makes getting that piece off the mother plant real easy.  As a member of the Master Gardeners, we have many occasions during the growing season when we must divide daylilies and other perennials.  This tool has been tested by several of them and has been found to make dividing a much simpler chore…it’s a great new toy.” -Lynn