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The daylilies are blooming in the garden.



Don’s “Einstein” carving–a birthday gift for Randy–took a trip this spring to North Carolina.  Here’s  Einstein before his long ride to Asheville.



the youngest child’s birthday carving…

wood carving; man painting on ladder

What a beautiful fall season we are having….






The latest wood carving (bank) by Don for his oldest daughter’s birthday. A perfect addition to her collection of carvings …she’s quite fancy in her white heels and dress and even has a little companion–Spot, the dog.




Don’s latest woodcarving bank “Look What I Found “, a birthday present for his oldest son, now joins Randy’s collection and makes it’s home in Asheville, North Carolina…happy 52nd, Randy.


It was a perfect spring day for walkin’ in the country with my dad (Don)….and a special treat for my little dog, Molly.


With the nicer weather, a few additions have popped up in the rusty garden on Fritzy’s Corner. The solar collectors on the spider’s back cause the teal blue glass insulator eyes to glow at night.image image image image

dad and fritzy

“Fritzy was a good dog”

20131227-164948.jpgThe person who picked this gift in the white elephant gift exchange said she just knew she wasn’t going to get to keep it. And she didn’t. If you know about white elephants, you know there is usually a fair amount of stealing from one another going on. And Don’s creations are always favorites as are his grandson’s – artistic talent runs in the family. Don’s granddaughter was lucky enough to be the third steal, so it’s now in her garden patiently waiting for spring!

The third picture shows a closer view of the springs on the legs which make the bird mobile.